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Girl Power Done Right: The Boys

We are finally at a point where female representation in film has brought radical changes to the Film & TV industry, with powerful female characters dominating the big screen. The influx of superbly written characters has achieved newer heights now that we view these stories from a different lens entirely. This has been accompanied by dedicated scenes featuring 'girl power' and showcasing the potential of these female characters, with two very prominent examples being present in Avengers: Endgame and The Boys. There is, however, a stark difference in how both integrate these scenes.

While the scene in Avengers: Endgame features the majority of the female cast with diverse representation, it is still evident that it feels out of place within the context of the battle. The balance between being a cinematic marvel and effortless representation is no longer maintained, and you, as the viewer, begin to think that this inclusivity might not have been added as a passionate achievement but instead an obligation upon the filmmakers. Perhaps the casual viewer would not have their immersion broken, but 'The Boys' sets the bar for girl power so high that you're always in the zone (flow state mmnt?) ( I hope either of these links work for the scene)

I feel it is essential to comment upon how effortlessly this scene just blends into the plot and becomes one of the best fight scenes of the show. This is partly due to how the writing deeply explores and complements the story arcs of not just the female characters but everyone who appears in the show. The way these characters have been solidified into this world makes the need for an explicit scene to show their empowerment almost unnecessary, as each has already held positions of paramount importance exhibiting their individuality, something that Avengers: Endgame lacked immensely.

The cinematography and direction, too, are to die for. The weight of every punch reverberates through the scene, with the bass and badass music syncing with the battle giving you more goosebumps. The intensity of the camera shakes and blood splatter even shows the difference in strength between each of them, with Maeve and Kimiko punching the hardest.

These elements brought together bring the best out of 'The Boys' and let them deliver this iconic line. "Girls do get it done."

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