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Guidelines for Respectful Online Discussions

We all have a collective responsibility in making sure that this blog offers an inclusive environment to all members. For this purpose, we will observe the following community guidelines:

1. Approach all posts and comments with the following in mind: no matter how different someone else’s opinion is from our own, there is always something to learn if we have compassion and understanding for one another.

2. Acknowledge that we are all systematically taught misinformation about our own group and about members of other groups. This is true for everyone, regardless of our group(s).

3. Agree not to blame ourselves or others for the misinformation we have learned, but to accept responsibility for not repeating misinformation after we have learned otherwise.

4. Refrain from using overtly or subtly discriminatory language.

5. Consider that issues/perspectives may be both/and rather than either/or.

6. Be willing to keep an open mind: it is likely that some of your beliefs will be challenged by the group.

7. Take risks. Comfort is overrated but this is a safe place. Dare to engage yourself. This is how we learn from each other.

8. Recognize that all of us are growing and evolving, and nobody gets things right all the time, even when their intentions are good.

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