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Hafeez Center - Electronics Hub or Scammers Market

Recently, I had the chance to go to Hafeez Center, one of the Lahore's biggest electronics market and I witnessed a whole new level of deception. If you want to buy brand new electronic equipment then you are relatively safe because brand new equipment can be verified. But if you want to sell an equipment or buy a used equipment I would suggest you take a professional with you because every other shopkeeper deceives and lies profusely and that too without any shame.

Shopkeepers will try their best to give their lowest rates if you are there to sell. In some cases even 50

% of what the price of equipment is. I went there to sell a friend's laptop that was worth 50K (we sold it for 48K) but most of the shop owners would price it at 30K - 35 K stating many reasons such as not many people buy this laptop and, that the laptop has been repaired(which it was not). I also wanted to buy a laptop for myself and a shopkeeper tried to sell me a used laptop by stating that it is new. I only was able to see the scam when I noticed that the brand new laptop doesn't come in the same specifications that shopkeeper was trying to sell it for, so it must have been modified.

They have various different ways to trick customers. For non-warranty equipment they give you a warranty called "International Warranty". If you claim this warranty they take some money from you so they are able to send the laptop abroad for repair but most of the times it ends up in one of the repair shops on Hall Road.

Overall, the experience leaves much to be desired. For everyone looking to buy or sell electronics at Hafeez Centre, be warned. You might just come out dejected and tricked out of your hard earned cash.

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The problem of scammers and dishonest sellers, is not just limited to Hafeez center. Most electronic markets in Pakistan are filled with them. The best you can do to avoid being scammed is going with someone who knows about the market and electronics and just generally being cautious.

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