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Has international aid been good for Pakistan?

Pakistan has received billions of dollars in aid for education and for other purposes too, but the question arises: has it helped Pakistan’s children get educated, has it made more schools for children, and has it done any good to Pakistan?

Now this question will have lots of different opinions; some will say it has done good, but in my blog post, I am going to focus on how international aid has been bad for Pakistan for a number of reasons.

In Pakistan, all the aid sent by different foreign countries, especially the US, hasn’t really been used for the purpose of education; the aid is either used by corruption or for other purposes, but not education. news schools have not been made, and still many children are out of school. Pakistan is one of the countries in South Asia that has received the highest foreign aid throughout the years, but this aid hasn’t really helped Pakistan in any way; it has just made the country dependent on foreign aid, making us so dependent that we ask for aid again and again.

I would say that international aid hasn’t been good for Pakistan because, firstly, this has led to more corruption in the country; furthermore, Pakistan has become more dependent on foreign aid, and it hasn’t really been used for the purpose of education for which the aid was sent.

Aid has been good for some countries, where aid has actually been used for good purposes. For example, where aid has already been used to help people during floods, where aid has actually been used to help poor people and reduce poverty, where aid has actually helped a country's education system, its children, and much more. But in a country like Pakistan, where corruption is so evident, it is really hard for aid to benefit the country.

So the question arises: should aid be stopped if it is this bad for countries like Pakistan? Well, this is also a debated question, but in my opinion, if it is not doing any good to countries like Pakistan, why give them foreign aid when it will only increase corruption and dependence? It shouldn’t be stopped in every country because some countries, as said earlier, are using aid for the betterment of their country and use it for good purposes and aren’t doing corruption with that money, but in countries like Pakistan, aid should be stopped as it is doing more harm than good.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you agree with me or disagree?

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