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Have you jumped on the K-boat yet?

We watch many English tv shows and with platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime we are more aware to international dramas be it Turkish, Indian, Spanish etc. One such huge showbiz world of drama or now termed as jumping on the “K boat” are the Korean tv drama that marks the heart of the viewers. With their rich Joseon history, superstitious beliefs, and amazing turn to stories, k dramas are a treat to watch. K-Dramas vary from historical, fantasy, sci-fi, action, rom-com, melodramas to suspense and thriller-with the diverse choice there's something for everyone. I recently watched “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay” and I can’t put into words what an amazing show it was. From a captivating story line to amazing cinematography, the drama was full of emotions of life: love, sadness, regret, betrayal, forgiveness. I specifically loved the fashion within these series and how every outfit she wore reflected her personality, actions and confidence at that time. From the devil in Prada red heels to the brave girl facing her past and fears in the blood red gown to the floral dress when she falls in love, fashion is applaudable in the mega successful series. As the story line progressed, so did the art of her dressing and it really amazed me how a play of wardrobe can add that much to the emotions of the character and the series as a whole.

So grab your laptop, log in Netflix and start your journey on the K boat with this drama if you haven’t already!

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