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How a documentary changed the honour killing laws in Pakistan.

This article is about a documentary that spurred a change in the laws of Pakistan. A Girl in the river is a documentary produced and directed by an Oscar winning Pakistani director Obaid Chinoy. With this documentary Obaid Chinoy wanted to capture the plight of thousands of Pakistani women who have been, and continue to be murdered by their fathers, brothers and husbands in the name of honor. This documentary captured, tale of Saba Qaisera who survived an attempted murder at the hands of her father. All because she fell in love and eloped with a boy that her father disapproved. In the documentary Saba shares how her father and her uncle tried to kill her and how the laws of the country have deprived her of justice. It was due to the loopholes in the country laws that allowed her father and uncle to walk free even after committing such a heinous crime.

This documentary highlighted one of the most sensitive issues that women of Pakistan face which was pushed under the rug for a long time. After the release of this documentary, the premier of the country at that time vowed to change the laws in order to protect thousands of women of the country.

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