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How to Pass your Time during Quarantine?

I think it is safe to say that in March 2020, none of us could have been led to believe that life as we know it would be made to change so drastically, and for how long this would last. Different kinds of people from multiple walks of life tackled this issue differently, with their own personal strengths and weaknesses coming into play. But at the end of the day, we all need one basic thing, to be able to go to sleep comfortable and convinced that the day was worth it. Here are a few simple things we all can try to make part of our daily quarantined lives to try and work for a happier tomorrow!

Since work/study/socialise from home took over, people are striving to find different activities to keep themselves busy with. Here's a compilation of a few healthy, easy to do, social, and relaxing activities you can make part of your daily schedule to give yourself a more exciting routine this quarantine season.

  1. Discover a few online games: This isn't even about if you game or not. Honestly, one thing we could all use more of during this time, is socialising. Online games allow you to connect with friends and have a good time and a few laughs! A few games which my friends and I have found comfort in are Gartic Phone, Skirbbl, Chess, Monopoly, and Kart Rider, to name a few. The point of these games isn't being good at them, but to have a good time and help you connect.

  2. Indulge yourself in new books: As cliche as it might sound, books can legitimately be your silent companions through this time of isolation. Our heads are where we are at most times of the day, so might as well fill our head with as much fantasy, knowledge, etc. to keep us distracted, and hopefully make it a nicer place to be. I remember when I was young and spent the entire day looking forward to the night, because that is the time I could get under my covers, turn the lamp on, and read my brain out. It opened the doors for new worlds to me and let me put myself into wherever I desired to be. In this time, I think we need this more than ever. Since we can't go outside, let's make the insides of our heads as beautiful as possible.

  3. Interact with your family: Trust me, in most cases, they're actually pretty cool people! We have all been so lost in our individual lives and trying to make connections, that we forgot the connections we have all along.

  1. Meditate: Here I simply mean to allow yourself to be at peace with who you are. We spend so much of our lives in a rat race called life, that we forget to just let us be okay with the moment. Just stop trying to be something for a bit and appreciate what u already are.

I know that self contentment and making this period of our lives easy isn't simply achieved through some steps. What I mean to convey is that we need to be doing something along these lines to give ourself the semblance of purpose. Too much of life is spent chasing. I only hope that these steps can help you even a little bit, as they have done for me.

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