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HUM - Song on absent fathers by Faris

Faris shafi is an artist who tries to relate to a younger generation by using modern forms of expression and tries to present his unique view in prevalent issues in the society. By that I mean there's a lot of swear words that don't go along with traditional side of Pakistani society. He has also beem forced to delete one of his song 'Muskura' from internet for the same reason.

In his latest song ‘hum’ he talks about the bitter sweet relationship he had with his father(who passed away in 2017 ). One can consider this song to be a letter from Faris to his absent father. Sharing the insecurities of a challenging parental relationship is so unlike rap artists and especially Pakistani one. This is first time Faris is pouring his heart out and showing his emotional side. The feelings of love and resentment go hand in hand in the whole song like when he says:

"I wanna say that

I Love you

But sometimes I hate you

It's all your fault"

He goes on to mention different ways his father let him down by not there being there for him when he most needed him. But still the affection for his father is there and its clear in 2nd part of the song just how much he misses him and still awaits to do all of the things his dad promised but "never came through".

Fans have absolutely loved this song. Many among the youth can relate to challenges a one has to face because of absent father. In Pakistan most of the fathers work and provide for children and are not too involved in the life of their children hence this makes the song even more relatable. People laud the artist's bravery for choosing such a personal subject. Here are some of the comments from fans.

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