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Impact of Covid-19 on Teachers

While first world countries around the world were able to continue their education despite the pandemic using technology, it was the conflict ridden areas that were hit drastically. People living in these areas do not have any access to internet thus making them unaware of the current affairs as well as leaving them with no means to continue their education. The education sector in countries like Iraq, Sudan, Syria and etc suffered substantially, impacting both students and the teachers. Upon research for a presentation in this course, my team member and I came across various reports that covered how the teachers have been suffering a lot since they had to lose on their employment as well as their passion. In these countries education was already secondary but due to Covid-19 it has been further deprioritized. The slides attached below show evidence of how these teachers have been helpless since a year now and how the education sector in these countries might take years to get back to its usual pace.

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