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In Yemen, children’s education devastated after years of escalating conflict

Early morning at a mountain school in war-torn, these children in Yemen are expected to help rebuild their country when the conflict finally ends for that massive undertaking. They will need education and health; the people trying to support them are struggling; a third Fe can get in denial a war and fighting have deeply impacted education in Yemen, particularly in rural areas we do not have enough teachers because their salaries are not paid regularly teachers leave and many schools have been shut down the teachers who stayed find hard to work because they do not have enough equipment. They can hardly earn a living; there are 120 boys and girls at this school; they seem far from the war between Houthi rebels and supporters of the internationally recognized government of President Abraham Mansour Hadi. The journey to high school has conjointly become dangerous as the risk of being killed exacerbates. Fearing for his or their children's safety, several oldsters favor keeping their children at home. The dearth of access to education has pushed children and families to dangerous alternatives and early marriage, child labor, and accomplishment into the fighting.

They chant their lessons together they have to learn by repeating what the teacher says because there aren't enough school books to go around a material you are the main challenge faced by teachers in rural areas is the lack of books we aren't given enough at the start of the school year and we have a lot more children than books Boni haddassi is one of 14 rural villages in the Yemeni Directorate of Jafari nearly 65,000 people live in the Directorate the Bonnie said Medical Center is responsible for the health of all of the doctors here say they too don't have the equipment they need Venezuela Michigan's here health care in rural areas is very poor we are doing all we can we offer inoculation nutrition advice and advice for pregnant mothers and we don't have laboratories ultrasonic scanners or other things we need they may share the responsibility of rebuilding their shattered country but with an uphill battle to get the teaching and health care that's needed Yemen's children of the mountains are facing an uncertain future Rob Matheson.

Watch this video, and please go through this article for more perspective

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Its heart wrenching to read about the impact conflict brings to education. It is the attack on education that leaves no other choice for children but to stop studying further and join rebel groups. The burden of dealing with the conflict is so much that education becomes secondary for the government. As a results, when these children finally are free from conflict, they don't have jobs and are far behind for the rest of children of their ages. I read in a UNICEF report that some universities in Palestine were shut down for four years because of which a high percentage of the population remains unemployed.


Blogposts like yours make sure incidents like these dont get lose in the chaos of the world, and they make sure we remember and acknowledge them, so thank you. We often see that in war-torn areas, often those who take on the responsibility to support the community are victims of the conflict themselves - as we see the teachers in this case. This is so unsustainable, and so much to ask of them. I think it really highlights the need for external support and resources. I'm toying with an idea and would love to hear your thoughts... Just like the UN is a structure where resources from across the world come together to act objectively in different matters, and provide…

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