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Enough said. Who else has been annoyed to the CORE by these bots in your comments section? So first off, we don't even know where these bots come from but they come in HORDES, they come in millions.

With all of these bots, one wonders waise, when did this become so normal??? like when did we start seeing all of this happen and just say "oh! nevermind :)". Now what is really happening behind the scenes? Who is making these bots? We don't really know. But what we do know is their end-goal, what they're trying to do. And that is - to get your money. Please watch the video below to see where the links lead us:

So okay they want your money? Why and how is this different from any other business? Firstly I believe that these bots are harmful because one: they reduce the genuine human interaction that used to make the comments sections of these platforms an interactive space. A lot of you will find yourselves less likely to access comments due to bots and that takes away from an important interactive element. For example, I've seen posts about serious issues, funerals, wars etc. only to be disappointed by a comment section full of bots. It is absurd and sometimes infuriating.

Secondly I think this business is extremely harmful because we're not the target audience for these messages. Humari age and above pe jissne jo dekhna hai uske paas bohot tareeqay hain. But instagram is a social media platform that has a huge membership of children as well. These children are constantly exposed to these messages of women being depicted as horny, sexual objects and young girls and boys both will definitely be taking in these messages. A young boy can simply be on his favorite footballers instagram checking out their goal only to see a bunch load of bots in the comments. Besides that, these bots will DM you as well! They actually force you to interact with them to the point where it might be annoying to us, but perhaps really harmful for younger boys and girls.

So overall, maybe this is a conversation that we all really need to have. We cannot restrict children's access to social media because being protective is never the answer. But we do need to discuss the accountability and responsibility that falls on these platforms and the form of regulation that is necessary. Let me know what you all think in the comments :)

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