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Intolerance towards religious minorities in education

Martin Luther King Jr. mentioned, "Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that."

According to, 3.72 percent of the total population of Pakistan constitutes religious minorities. Pakistan has a strong stance on ending racism in its foreign policy. Still, in schools, it has been observed that students often interact less with the people who belong to minorities, though this trend is very little in the universities. But when a student is in school, it is high time to teach them about religious tolerance and that faith is personal and has nothing to do with professional life. I have seen people criticizing Dr. Abdus Salam, who was from a religious minority by faith, but this thing has nothing to do with his work. He was a great physicist and received a Nobel prize for electroweak unification theory. This was something many people from Dr. Salam's age weren't able to do. And the people (who criticize Dr. Salam) I am talking about here are well educated, but they do not seem to be when they speak about such a great person in an odd way. I respect Dr. Salam because of his contribution to science. He was a person who spent all his Nobel prize grant for the development and promotion of science, and yet people who do not even know about a thing speak against Dr. Salam just because he belonged to a minority. I think that this attitude should be finished, and we should teach people that faith is personal and has nothing to do with the professional life of a person. Moreover, in schools, children should be taught about religious tolerance and why it is important. There is one more thing. There is Abdus Salam Centre for Physics in Islamabad, which was under criticism. Let's acknowledge the work of scientists and should have tolerance and respect for the people from other religions because respect is a thing that makes us human beings.

The teachers should go through training programs where they should be taught about religious tolerance, and then in return, they can teach religious tolerance to the students so that we all as Pakistanis can live in peace.

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