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Is media violating celebrities' privacy?

Celebrity is a figure that is well recognized and famous in the public and the media. People tend to get interested in the lives of their favorite celebrities, and sometimes this leads to the breach of their privacy. There has been a significant rise in cases where the public or the media have compromised celebrities' privacy rights. Media provides a platform that connects people or some famous figures. But sometimes, the personal lives of celebrities are shared on media platforms without their consent. The son of the Bollywood star, Shah Rukh Khan, recently got involved in a drug case and media platforms and reporters exploited their privacy. He was trending all over social media, and people were digging and sharing more stuff about his personal life without his consent.

Similarly, in 2018, when the relationship ended between a famous Hollywood couple Justin Bieber and Salena Gomez, the media breached their privacy, and reporters asked personal questions. Even now, after the marriage of Justin Bieber, people ask them questions about each other without their prior approval.

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