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Is media violating celebrities' privacy?

Celebrity is a figure that is well recognized and famous in the public and the media. People tend to get interested in the lives of their favorite celebrities, and sometimes this leads to the breach of their privacy. There has been a significant rise in cases where the public or the media have compromised celebrities' privacy rights. Media provides a platform that connects people or some famous figures. But sometimes, the personal lives of celebrities are shared on media platforms without their consent. The son of the Bollywood star, Shah Rukh Khan, recently got involved in a drug case and media platforms and reporters exploited their privacy. He was trending all over social media, and people were digging and sharing more stuff about his personal life without his consent.

Similarly, in 2018, when the relationship ended between a famous Hollywood couple Justin Bieber and Salena Gomez, the media breached their privacy, and reporters asked personal questions. Even now, after the marriage of Justin Bieber, people ask them questions about each other without their prior approval.

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People say that when somebody becomes a celebrity their life becomes the property of the public. However, this is something not true at all. Becoming a celebrity doesn’t make you’re a public property where they have the right to know anything and everything. I would like to give a very recent example of Katrina Kaif and Vicky Kaushal’s wedding where they paid extra money to ensure that their privacy wasn’t invaded. They made sure no pictures came out except whatever they uploaded themselves and I believe this is the basic right that these celebrities should have. Just because they are out there in the public doesn’t mean the public is entitled to their private matters as well.


Your post reminded me of this video I saw on Instagram of how a couple of fans showed up to Justin Bieber's house and started asking for hugs or autographs. Bieber tried to tell them, very politely, that his home is a place he goes to to relax after a long day and he'd appreciate it if they didn't swarm it, but the fans still continued to ask for a hug, after which he went inside. When I saw that video, I was also really taken aback. Although I understand that celebrities are public figures, it's difficult to reconcile that reality with the idea that just by virtue of being a public figure, you end up sacrificing all aspects of…


A celebrity is a recognized and famous figure in Media and Public. People are interested in their favorite celebrity's life and follow their activities through Media. But, we have seen that sometimes , the Media tends to cross the thin line between Information and Invasion of lives of Celebrities.The personal lives/activities of celebrities are shared without their consent , e.g much dirt was put in by Media in the drug case of Shahrukh Khan's son in India , rather than the actual truth... Also, it is a rising trend today , celebrities themselves use Media platforms for their own popularity stunts and pics/ videos of their every day to day moments as popularity stunts. Hence, both the celebrities and the…


This is an extremely important issue and it becomes even more problematic when different instagram accounts and magazines follow celebrities during their daily lives to just get pictures of their children. A lot of celebrities including Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds prefer not posting about their children too much but staying safe from paparazzi becomes a huge struggle for them. This eventually results in chaos being created in the lives of celebrities when all the details of their personal lives are exposed on internet for the entire world to see. Moreover, this also leads to serious stalking incidents where these celebrities have reported how unsafe they felt.


You pointed out a very important aspect of our media and celebrities. Yes, we can see this breach of privacy all over the media. The audience gets too much attached to their favorite celebrities and wants to know more and more about their lives. Social media platforms play a very important in this. These celebrities post about their daily life stuff on their social media accounts. But obviously their a thin line between knowing about their personal lives and invading their private space. A lot of examples we see around, that celebrities are asked questions about their personal lives in interviews. Yes, these things are the breach of privacy and it spread toxicity.

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