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It is just me or is the younger generation becoming increasingly materialistic? In today’s capitalistic world material is taking preference over true merit and character. Children continue to judge their school fellows and age mates on how they dress and what brands or gadgets they carry with them. For instance, children of secondary schools nowadays often base their friendships and other kids entering ‘their’ groups based on what class and background they belong to. This results in children not thinking about the quality of education they receive or bonds they form but more about their social relations and what their “friends” will think of them if they don’t come to school in luxury cars or wearing ‘Jordans.’

Research suggests, “…that children in religious schools were less materialistic than children in secular schools." The rising trend of wearing branded products has taken a toll on the way children perceive the world around them. I completely agree with the fact that friendships are being evaluated on the basis of the social standing and wealth of the other person, rather than their values, family upbringing, and personality- which is what is substantial and pertinent to consider. Religion teaches one to be simple and focuses more on character development which is why those students and children tend to be less materialistic than in secular schools. It is a matter of concern that needs to be looked into otherwise within a few years it will adversely impact the quality of education these children are acquiring and will hinder the economic growth and progress of the nation as a whole.

This post reminds me of the day I got enrolled in my school and the first question a kid asked me was how many pairs of shoes does my dad own. This question confused me on many different levels as it seemed not only weird but personal. How many of you can relate? Do share your experiences and thoughts. Would love to read about your experiences.

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