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Jane the Virgin (contains spoilers)

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

The show follows Jane Gloriana Villanueva, a 23-year-old aspiring writer who is artificially inseminated with Rafael Solano's sperm, the rich guy who ghosted her 5 years ago and now owns the hotel where she waitresses. If you think this is crazy, hold onto your seatbelts because you are in for a ride. I absolutely adore the show (#Jafael), and I could go on and on about its virtues. Still, today I want to focus on my favorite aspect: the depiction of platonic and romantic relationships on the show.

7. Alba and Jorge (Romantic):

We first meet Alba as jane's Abuela, a strict catholic woman, and the Villanueva matriarch. She has been single for nearly 25 years after her husband passed away but finds herself falling for Jorge, her coworker. We see them pull through a slightly rocky courtship and even deportation and just being wholesome old people.

6. Jane and Petra (Platonic):

Starting off as bitter rivals (after Petra tries to gain the custody of Jane's baby), the two butt heads frequently until Rafael goes to jail. The central rivalry of the show turns into one of the weirdest yet incredible female friendships on television.

5. Xiomara and Rogelio: (Romantic)

Though they are Jane's real parents, their relationship trajectory is no less complicated for it. Xiomara decides to keep her baby (Jane) even after Rogelio tells her to abort because they both are way too young (16/18) and doesn't tell Rogelio for 23 years. Rogelio comes back into their lives, and though the two end up married, the best part about their relationship is their constant friendship. Xiomara finally gets her fairy tale wedding when she marries Rogelio.

4. Rafael and Petra (Platonic):

As a couple, the two were an absolute dumpster fire (Petra cheats, Rafael manipulates). Their initial rivalry after their divorce blossoms into one of the most secure friendships of the show. The two are excellent co-parents to their twins, and Petra is even Rafael's best man at his wedding to Jane.

3. Jane and Michael (Romantic):

Though the two don't end up together, their chemistry and compatibility are undeniable. Michael and Jane are friends first who always support each other regardless of their romantic status, and their relationship is just so real and healthy.

2. Alba, Xiomara, and Jane (Platonic):

This trio is absolutely the life and soul of the show. Their strong bonds and dependence on each other makes up the main framework of the show. Though frequent, their fights never last, and there is nothing more important to these ladies than their families. This three-generational dynamic was just so wholesome and sweet that I was always rooting for the Villanueva women.

  1. Jane and Rafael (Romantic):

Brought together by a freak artificial insemination, we see these two pull through the odds. Even though Jane and Rafael are so different from each other, their relationship makes sense because they are amazing parents to Mateo, best friends, and partners. This couple goes through so many ups and downs throughout the show but still make it to the end. Jane gets her telenovela swoon-worthy romance, and Rafael gets his happy and healthy family.

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