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JOSH- Only for Men?

In Pakistan, discussing sexual life is still taboo. Pakistanis are highly reluctant to talk about sex or other related problems in public. This is visible in mainstream media, where intimate scenes continue to create headlines. In that situation, what happens to condom advertisements? The condom advertisements starring Mathira are frequently riddled with controversy since they are deemed inappropriate for public consumption. The Pakistani censorship board plays an important role here by prohibiting most of such advertisements. This demonstrates Pakistan's dissatisfaction with the open display of female desire. The media's objectification of the female body is centuries old and goes unchecked. But the question here is whether PEMRA's decision to ban Josh condom advertisements is wise.

Other condom commercials, according to PEMRA, are shown on mainstream media such as Sathi condom Ad because they advocate family planning and emphasize how family planning can result in a healthier lifestyle. Josh, on the other hand, airs sexualized content by objectifying women. It is also claimed that men use this product; therefore, why is a woman seen in this advertisement? When Mathira goes to buy condoms, the general public's sentiments are harmed; this is how toxic masculinity comes into play since people assume that males can do anything they want, but women cannot. It is obviously utilied for intercourse between men and women, yet women cannot openly claim that they have it.

The latest Josh TV commercial portrays Mathira Khan on vacation with her husband. The idea of family planning is retained in this advertisement. It's a romantic getaway with her husband, not a casual fling. Small bits of 'Hubby' and 'Mrs. Rana' keep our cultural sensitivities under control.

Not only that, but Josh earlier broadcasted a TVC in which Mathira enters a shop and openly asks for a condom, subtly highlighting the need for behavior change among individuals when they buy a condom, this is how they are educating people about inclusivity.

However, there are certain issues associated with josh advertising. Why do they use curvaceous models in their commercials? Female objectification and body shaming can be used to explain their casting strategies. Only Mathira appears in their advertisements since she has a curvy figure, and her appearance is exploited to attract people's attention. People believe that women are objectified in food, clothes, and appliance advertisements without creating controversy, but when Mathira appears in a condom advertisement, their 'Ghairat' is hurt. But whatever media product, if women are objectified, it is immoral. One cannot argue that because it is a condom advertisement, it is acceptable to sexualize female bodies.

Some individuals will embrace the idea of Josh advertising by viewing it through the lens of women empowerment. However, others will take offence since it is sensitive to our culture and might be considered as insulting by feminists because it objectifies a particular gender. These issues will persist, but they can improve it by removing certain elements from their advertisements, such as depicting women in a way that promotes passive, submissive attributes and encourages them to perform a subordinate secondary position in society. However, one argument stands unanswered: are these advertisements intended to empower women or at objectifying them?

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In the atmosphere of Pakistan, no one knows how binding the definition of the word "obscenity" is. Rather than question the male gaze, the women's clothing is discussed ands no matter what the intension of any product may be, the slightest discussion sex or anything even near to the topic will incite huge animosity amongst the extremist factions and masses of the state. What is considered obscene? How does one talk about the social issues of a society if the topics themselves are considered taboo and inappropriate to discuss. In a society like Pakistan, talk on sex education, controversial topics regarding religion and obscenity go hand in hand in forming extremism in the air, where even slightly talking on periods…


Female objectification has always been on the agenda of condom advertisement creators because sex sells anything LITERALLY. Moreover, the casting of Mathira is an obvious and appropriate choice since she has already established herself as a sex symbol with her risque pictures, item songs, and various controversies. Therefore, it is not unusual for her to be the poster child of such campaigns. For a condom to sell, it must add a sex appeal to its users. This can be seen in foreign condom ads where both men and women are engaged in foreplay to arouse the watcher. Link to the video

This is a much more explicit representation than the ads aired in Pakistan due to obvious cultural sensitivities.…

Dec 10, 2022
Replying to

Being established as a sex symbol doesn't mean that one's character should be exploited in this way. It makes sense that this might be her own choice but considering the situation of our media industry, there is little consideration of talent. Yet casting couch is very prevalent in our media industry. In countries like Pakistan, where dancing ads create a controversy, do u think such condom ads will get unnoticed?


Sex education and population control are still controversial topics in Pakistan. Neither educational institutions nor media platforms are paying attention to these topics. However, when a company decides to publicize its product while highlighting the need for population control, it suddenly becomes problematic. Why? One thing very odd about the josh advertisements is how Mathira is seen in literally every ad, here is a YouTube link for all the josh adds If josh ads were promoting women empowerment, any actress could have done the job but why Mathira? Mathira has been a part of many controversies and always catches the attention of audience due to her highly sexualised image that our society has created. When josh constantly features su…


Maybe this certain actress, Mathira Khan, is the only one starring these advertisements because she probably has a contract with the said company. That is usually why one certain actress appears in a company’s campaigns. However, I completely agree on the secrecy and objectification part. Methods of birth control are not advertised properly in Pakistan which is why we have a huge population present but their needs not being met. If the topic of sex and family planning was not such a taboo, maybe our population would be more in control.

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