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Karachi-An orphan city

There is no ownership of Karachi — and no one cares for it.” -Supreme Court of Pakistan

The Federal Board of Revenue collects the highest amount of income tax from Karachi, however unfortunately the city of lights is now a city in crisis. Karachi, once Pakistan's prized gem, has endured exploitation, pilfering, deception, and isolation. Politicians boast about holding grand rallies in Karachi and are eager to secure votes and make lofty promises, but the pressing question remains: who has genuinely done anything for this city?

The city is plagued by multiple criminal groups, a high crime rate, significant pollution, frequent urban flooding, and a lack of even the most basic public services. The children of Karachi have grown up in the streets along with guns and have been exposed to violence and terror from an early age.

Karachi is the best example of failed governance. Now the question is who is responsible for Karachi's fate? The blame game is never-ending, with the federal government pointing fingers at the provincial government, the provincial government passing the blame to the local government, and the local government shifting responsibility back to the federal level. In this cycle of finger-pointing, the people of Karachi are left wondering where to turn and to whom they should voice their grievances. Karachi is torn between the pathetic provincial and federal jurisdictions and has been rendered a no-man’s land status. What Karachi urgently requires is a sense of ownership and the establishment of institutions capable of meeting the demands of its rapidly expanding population. It is also crucial that the city contributing the highest amount in taxes be given its fair share in return.

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Shamsa Kanwal
Shamsa Kanwal
17 nov. 2023

your blog highlights the dire situation in Karachi, shedding light on the city's challenges such as crime, pollution, flooding, and inadequate public services. The author rightly criticizes the continuous blame game among different levels of government, emphasizing the need for a unified approach to address Karachi's issues. The absence of a sense of ownership is a crucial point, as it reflects the failure of governance. The plea for institutions capable of meeting the city's needs and fair distribution of tax contributions resonates strongly. But the point is we can see the government condition now, election is still pending and no one is talking about this. Other than that there are a lot of uncertainty and instability in Pakistan's. We kno…

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I appreciate your thoughtful reflection on the blog, acknowledging the critical challenges faced by Karachi and the urgent need for a unified and accountable approach to governance. The frustration expressed regarding the blame game among different levels of government is understandable, especially given the lack of tangible solutions and the upcoming election.

Your point about the current uncertainty and instability in Pakistan, coupled with the absence of a clear path to hold responsible parties accountable, raises crucial questions about the state of governance and the mechanisms for ensuring accountability. It highlights the importance of not just identifying the responsible entities but also establishing effective means for making them answerable to the public.

The upcoming election indeed adds another layer of…

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