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Kashmir: The Prolonged Struggle

“1.2M Kashmiri students returned schools after 7 months since India revoked autonomy of the region”

This statement represents the grave situation in the region of Kashmir, India where every few years children are subjected to the confines of their homes because two Asian powers have failed to come to a conclusive agreement on the issue of Kashmir.

The Pakistani and Indian militaries continue to keep their importance alive by promoting the issue of Kashmir, but it is the young school-going children who suffer the most. Every time an incident happens, parents have to be more worried about the safety of their children than them getting an education.

We see political leaders condemning the issue of Kashmir on world forums, but no common ground has been found. India continues its hostile policies towards the people like it owns the people and their rights. It is time that something is done.

If the two countries cannot come to a conclusion, Kashmir should be left on its own. At least their children will be able to get an education in a safer environment. At least they won’t have to live in a constant state of fear and struggle.

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Kashmir has been a long disputed territory that INDIA does not want to relinquish that results in hostile military takeovers and armed violence and many deaths. The fate of Kashmiri children is an unfortunate by product of longlasting enmity between India and Pakistan that shows no signs of stopping


I believe that the two countries' armies are getting money, and they are not focusing much on resolving the matter. Moreover, due to the Kashmir issue, Pakistan and India buy weaponry on a large scale from world powers, boosting their economy. Due to this economic race, they tend not to resolve the Kashmir issue. In all this, no one realizes that the future of Kashmiri kids is at stake how seriously they are being disturbed mentally due to all this conflict.


You have raised a very important issue. Besides human and economic losses, education has taken a major hit in Indian-administered Kashmir due to conflict and clampdowns. Whole world is silent for decades when Kashmir is suffering due to the territorial conflict between two neighboring countries.


Kashmir is an international tragedy. UN does not want to resolve it, leaving region's fate in the hands of neighbors who have had a deep-seated conflicted history. After revoking article 370, India claims Kashmir as their own. Unfortunately, it is not only education, but other basic rights that also get violated in the valley. I wonder when the international community wakes up to see the nightmare that is happening in Kashmir.


The sufferings of Kashmiris since the past 7 decades in unimaginable. It is war that they NEVER chose to be a part of - a war between India and Pakistan; a war of both countries' politicians' ego. And in their war, the poor Kashmiris are deprived of basic fundamental recognized by the WHOLE WORLD.

It is high time that the UN and other international organizations, that have the authority, start to act for the people of Kashmir.

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