Kashmir: The Prolonged Struggle


“1.2M Kashmiri students returned schools after 7 months since India revoked autonomy of the region”

This statement represents the grave situation in the region of Kashmir, India where every few years children are subjected to the confines of their homes because two Asian powers have failed to come to a conclusive agreement on the issue of Kashmir.

The Pakistani and Indian militaries continue to keep their importance alive by promoting the issue of Kashmir, but it is the young school-going children who suffer the most. Every time an incident happens, parents have to be more worried about the safety of their children than them getting an education.

We see political leaders condemning the issue of Kashmir on world forums, but no common ground has been found. India continues its hostile policies towards the people like it owns the people and their rights. It is time that something is done.

If the two countries cannot come to a conclusion, Kashmir should be left on its own. At least their children will be able to get an education in a safer environment. At least they won’t have to live in a constant state of fear and struggle.

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