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Kenwood AC: "Men Will Be Men"

Are you ever watching television and you come across an advertisement and think how is the content of this ad related to the product they are trying to sell? I recently came across a television ad for Kenwood Air-conditioners which made me think the same way. The ad starts off with a couple having guests at their house for dinner. The guests compliment the wife for making amazing food but the husband cuts them off and says that it’s their maid that made it, not the wife after which the wife continues to glare at him and the ad concludes at “aaj tou bachat mushkil se hogi, bachat ke liye lagayein Kenwood AC”. After coming across this ad, I went on to do some research and found out that there is actually a series of ads by Kenwood which Is actually referred to as “Men will be men” and those ads have a similar theme to the one I mentioned above. Another ad starts off with the guy sitting with his friends and telling them that his wife misbehaved with him so he hit her and he seemed to be very proud of it, however, his friends figure out that he’s lying, making him feel embarrassed. The next ad proceeds in which the guy is talking about the Kenwood AC app on his phone so the wife asks him for his phone and he starts worrying and stalling as if he has something to hide on his phone. I went on to see many more ads for this series and each of them is worse than the other. These types of advertisements are ones which normalize this type of behaviour from men and are actually promoting the saying “Men will be men”. It constantly shows the woman as a nosy, annoyed person who always gets angry at her husband. These are the advertisements which embed these ideas into our society and normalize such behaviours in our households.

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