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"Labels Against Women"- Advertising for Awareness

I came across this advertisement of Pantene Philippines in another course and I felt that it it would be great if I share it with you all too as it is relevant to what we have covered in class. This ad came out in 2017 and it got a lot of global attention because of the message it conveyed in a very different way. It used the gender stereotyping concept to advertise their product and it exposes a gender bias double standard. The ad shows that how men and women are showing the same behavior but are labelled differently such as when the man delivers the speech, he is called persuasive and when the women does it, she is labelled pushy. This is what we see in our society too that men are hailed as heroes for doing simple tasks but women are always taken as doing nothing much and their work is limited to just the household.

The words at the end of the video "Be strong and shine" is what summaries the whole video. They are using this narrative to basically appeal to women as they know this will definitely place well with them. It is not targeting towards men in a way that it is bashing them but instead it takes an empowering stand point and urges women to stand up for themselves and never push back. It tells the entire society that women are not inferior to men in any way, they are capable of doing all that men can do and these labels are just mere labels and nothing more than that so don't let them hold you back. I wish that more ads like these are made in Pakistan too instead of just those typical chai ads in which women have to make great chai if they want their rishta to be fixed and they are always shown as working for their families.

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Unknown member
Dec 12, 2021

I agree with your point that more empowering ads should be made, so that women who are oppressed find the strength to stand up for themselves as media plays a very crucial role in setting trends and normalising actions. The ads you are talking about is perhaps a unique one since the ads I come across mostly reiterate patriarchy. A similar ad that I came across is promoting toxic masculinity. Toxic masculinity portrays men as oppressive/dominant over the other gender as their “manhood” is defined through violent behaviors, aggressive sex, or treating women as sexual objects and hiding the supposed feminine traits such as being vulnerable. Media consumption promotes toxic masculinity, such as the “Kenwood Ac ad” where a husband is…

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