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One of the biggest gifts that has been imparted to me are BTS’s songs. The song ‘life goes on’ is a part of BTS’s most recent album ‘Be’. The song carries a very deep and powerful meaning of how no matter what struggle an individual faces in their lives ‘life goes on’ and the difficulties will pass away. Considering how rough this year has been on all of us because of Covid-19 the release of this song was like a breath of fresh air where all of the emotions that had been pent up inside people were translated into beautiful lyrics by BTS.

In an interview the oldest member of the band Jin said “For everyone, life has stopped because of COVID-19, we feel frustrated and sad, but these emotions aren’t always melancholic. It seems like the world has stopped, but life goes on.’ Honestly, I relate to what he said a lot as life does go on and no matter how deep someone’s wound is there’s always the guarantee that with time it will heal and all bad time shall pass. Their music has always been a huge source of comfort for me but this song has a special place in my heart as it’s very relevant to everyday life and its hardships.

Becoming an army (what BTS fans are called) made me come to one of my life’s biggest realizations that music really does transcend all barriers as it is a language itself.

I hope you guys give this song a listen and are able to find comfort in it as I did.

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I haven’t heard this song but I will definitely now. The way you have written it shows how well the song is capturing real life. It is really nice when you can actually connect to songs.

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