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Mango Slice Ad being Provocative

This ad featuring Katrina Kaif was infamous when it was originally launched. It was initially targeted by the religious parties for being too 'provocative' However; one must not misunderstand the criticism of this ad as labeling it too vulgar or provocative. Instead, it is the sexualizing of women simply for their bodies in an advertisement that was the issue. In comparison, one would see men in advertisements in essential roles, sportsmen, businessmen, and actors having exclusive content in promoting products. However, when it came to women, the ads would feature women's overtly photoshopped and excessively airbrushed faces—indicating to society and consumers the desirability of women just in conjunction with their bodies. Often this will be defended by big capitalists with the motto, 'sex sells'; however, they fail to realize the implications of using sex as a selling point. It is not as if this motto affects men and women equally. Women constantly face the brunt of such philosophies as their use encourages the sexualization of women to the point where it is all they are seen for. It would go well if advertisements also feature women in the same wholesome capacity as men.

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