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Mental Health: An Excuse to Procrastinate?

In a country like Pakistan, mental health is considered none of an issue. Going to a psychiatrist is viewed as taboo. Students' mental health issues are rejected by mocking them as if they were faking it to get attention, or they are just overthinking. In lower classes, these issues are dismissed and are not taken as an issue even, saying, "What will people think if they see you going to a psychiatrist?", "Everyone will call you a mad person.", "We have more important issues to think about; stop wasting our time."

These comments and the issue not being taken seriously results in even worse conditions. The students with already heavy workloads get even more anxious when the problem is not looked into. Procrastination and mental health are interlinked. Mental health issues result in disturbed focus and make it even harder to work. The deadlines not being met or late submissions, asking for extensions, and telling the authorities about their personal conditions result in even worse mental disorders.

Hence, procrastination is not an excuse, but it makes the mental health condition even worse. Therefore, it is essential to find ways to better one's mental health and get distracted by things that make one feel better and more confident.

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