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Midsummer Chaos: A Summary for the People, By the People

How to go viral for all the wrong reasons.

Episode 1:

Starting with the honest, constructive criticism

Not only were we beyond confused about the plot, the lack of relatability really made you want to switch it off. Where most consider this the biggest flaw of the series. Mustafa Babar, playing Harris in the series, felt otherwise:

Hmmm, then it really shouldn’t have been marketed as a professional production by Images at Dawn👀

Episode 2:

So here we were. Episode 2. Hoping that the first just had to be the worst. I was wrong. Terribly terribly wrong.

The break-up scene was definitely uncomfortable. You feel pitiful for Harris begging Alayna to stay while completely understanding her viewpoint because Harris is just so sadly desperate. There are attempts at social commentary which fail miserably because the society they describe neatly fits the bubble of the upper class only.

This last comment exactly sums up everyone’s motivation to continue. As cringe as Midsummer Chaos was, there’s no denying it was entertaining because of how bad it was. I’m not ashamed to admit I liked it too.

Episode 3:

Brace yourselves.

This was painstakingly sugarcoated but agreed. However, there was also this:

In my opinion, episode 3 was only bad for its plot. At this point, the acting had already been established as awful, so the audience was desensitised to it on some level. Had they not included this scene where a woman had to be submissive towards her cheating husband, they may have retained some dignity on the part of their plot.

Episode 4:

By this time, you’re entirely invested, waiting for every new episode to be uploaded.

The plot thickens to the consistency of mashed potatoes.

Is this the Islamic Republic of Pakistan?

Bas itna confidence chahiyay; not to the level where you can say that to your father’s lover but to romanticise infidelity. That’s the real low to reach.

Episode 5:

Alhamdulillah, but it comes with the end of an era of memes :*)

Closure like ordinary people, ending on a mundane note. This rollercoaster of emotions deserved to plummet to its demise. Alas, the only realistic episodes had to be the ones you looked most forward to. Perhaps that was the real plot twist all along.


Never again.

Indeed, I’ll be too :)

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