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In the past seven decades, vigilante attacks have taken the lives of more than 90 civilians. More than 1200 cases of blasphemy were recorded in the past decade alone. Mob lynching and blasphemy allegations have taken the lives of many innocent citizens in Pakistan. Who is behind all this extremism? Who is instigating the extremist groups into doing such acts in the name of honour and Islam? Why have the people taken the law into their hands?

Religious radicalism is the main driving force behind the lynchings in Pakistan. Parties like Tehreek-e-Labbaik are believed to be fueling such radicalism. The lynching of Srilankan national Priyantha Kumara Diyawadana is one of the most recent cases of honour killing on the allegation of blasphemy. The people rather than giving the accused a chance to defend themselves prefer to kill them right there and then which is atrocious. Like Sri Lankan, there was another famous case of Mashal Khan who was brutally murdered by hundreds of extremists on the same allegations of blasphemy. In fact his own class fellows were involved in that inhumane killing. Unfortunately, because of the religious association of this not many people come out and speak about it openly as it might put their lives in danger as well. These mobs and extremists are backed by some big political parties and that is why these groups are still present in many universities across Pakistan.

Taking law into our own hands is what wreaks this havoc. it's a universal law that every accused is innocent until proven guilty and the extremists should not be allowed to just kill the person right away. The accused should be charged and trialed in a court of law and not in the hands of the public. The government should be more sensitive towards this issue and should take strict action against these so-called Islamic right-wings.

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