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Most Dangerous Ways to School – Aqsa Manzoor

Going to school is not the similar experience for everyone. While we have the luxury of transport to go to schools, some children in the world have to cross the most unimaginable and dangerous paths every day to access education. It is not an easy stroll to a school bus stop or an air-conditioned ride in parent’s car.

There is a whole series of documentaries on YouTube which document the experiences of children who have to walk on the treacherous cliff edges, trek into the mountains for miles, or cross the broken bridges to reach the school. I will encourage you all to watch these documentaries. Here are some clips from the documentaries:

Kumpur (Nepal): Children walk across the mountains and rivers of the highest situated country on the earth to reach school.

Savanna (Kenya): Children walk through the forest which is infamous for all kind of wildlife including roaming predators.

Himalaya: Children cross the frozen river and the ice. It takes four days to reach boarding school.

Many children in Oimzakon (Russia), Philippines, Bolivia, Siberia, Mexico, and Colombia have similar experiences.

PS: While I was watching these documentaries, I remembered the meme that this is how our parents claimed to go to the school xD.

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