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Musafir- A melody of loss.

"Mein bhi Musafir hun, juda tum se kahan par hun".

Songs, books, movies and programs have a different meaning altogether once you recognize an element within them, that you can relate to, and then its as if "they hit different".

I came across the song "Musafir" at a point in time, where my life was scarred with loss and I was constantly in a struggle to configure a pattern so that I could make some sense of it. When I finally did, I had a hard time conveying it to others. How do you explain to someone, the reason why you're at peace with your loss? What are the right words? I found the right words in a cinema hall, listening to this song.

The song is basically the yearning for a loved one lost to death. Its describes how one harbors the pain of unsaid and unheard words, and mourns what is seemingly a tiring separation. However what is beautiful about this song, and what struck me is how the lyrics then go on to be the very remedy to that pain. They read, "Rahein bhi wohi, kadam bhi hein", which can be interpreted as: we are all on the same road, taking one step at a time towards the same ultimate destination, where upon reaching we shall be reunited with all those who reached earlier. The main verse as I've quoted at the start of the post, holds the meaning that, we are at different points in our journey, some ahead, some behind, but at the end of the day we are all travelers; it doesn't make a difference whether someone is ahead and you've lost sight of them, what matter is that the road is the same, and so the separation isn't real. These were answers that I needed for my peace, and I found them embedded in these lyrics.

Experiences like these put me in awe of how our minds extract meanings which we need to make sense of things, from the messages that constantly surround us in various forms.

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I love this song so much! Beautiful voice and beautiful lyrics

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