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"My Dress My Choice"

Over the last few decades, it has become more evident than ever, that issues of personal attire and religious marginalization by the hands of numerous agenda-oriented political actors are on the rise.

While most of us realize and voice our opinions on the ban on Hijab in India and France, we need to look at the other side too. There is no second opinion on whether or not what India and France are doing is right.

But these are the countries governed by Non-Muslims – what about Afghanistan? Where India and France are imposing their beliefs on the Muslims, the Afghani Government is doing exactly the same. The Afghan government has imposed strict and harsh dress code rules on the women, which have impacted their education negatively.

Both of these sides are completely wrong – while India and France are forcing them to remove Hijab, Afghanistan is making Hijab and Burqa mandatory. Both these examples show authoritarian rule and imposing/forcing rules on a person’s own choice.

Therefore, I believe that it's high time for regimes such as Afghanistan and France to understand that an individual - mostly women unfortunately - is capable enough to carry themselves and hence stop imposing and forcing any attire regulations on them. And this goes both ways - to the western countries and to the Islamic countries like Afghanistan.

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