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Palestinian Children Risk Their Lives Just to Get to School

The ongoing atrocities of Israel on the Palestinians have severely compromised and affected the education in Occupied Palestinian Territory. The right to education has been recognized as the fundamental right of every individual in International Law, yet the Palestinian students are suffering at the hands of apartheid state of Israel.

This documentary of year 2003 shows the everyday struggle of Palestinian children that how they have to climb walls, jump from one roof to another, and walk-through secret passages just to get to school on time. The particular reason this circumstance is that the Israeli Defense Force have imposed a ‘curfew’ in the city of Hebron due to the threat of ‘terrorism’. The students, on their way to school, are in constant fear of getting caught, harassed and beaten by the Israeli soldiers for violating an unjust law. And they often get evilly beaten by the soldiers and are ‘ordered’ on gunpoint to return to their homes. Also, the Israeli soldiers would come and close the school just because they were open and providing education to Palestinian children.

As a result of such monstrosity, abuse and terror faced by innocent Palestinian children at the hands of Israeli soldiers, according to reports, the performance, wellbeing and enrolment of the students had been severely affected.

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