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Peraltiago- Breaking gender stereotypes.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine has my heart for a lot of reasons; the humour, the bonds, the love, and so much more. However, the one thing that sticks out is Jake Peralta and Amy Santiago’s relationship.

I have always heard about a man’s misogynistic behaviour, especially prevalent in Pakistan, that watching Peraltiago’s relationship blossom the way it did was a breath of fresh air. Many scenes go against all the gender stereotypes, but my favourite one was the episode where Amy is scared to do her Sergeant exam.

It was this line: “I’ve always known that you were going to be my boss.”

Amy was scared about things being different between the two if her position changed. Which, in my opinion, is justified given how men are perceived in society. Jake brushed it off casually and was there for Amy no matter what! Like even moving into her apartment.

We don’t really get to see that in Pakistani media where not only the man but also the mother-in-law/ the sister-in-law is trying to nullify a girl’s constant efforts to progress in life.

What do you guys think? Are there any more relationships like this one?

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Brooklyn nine-nine is also one of my favorite show. It not only breaks the stereotype of women's role, but it also breaks the racial barriers set by American society. They had captain Ray holt and lieutenant Terry as their senior. They always go to them for advice and respect them—the scene when a policeman assaulted Terry just based on his race and color. I loved how all of the precincts became united in punishing those policemen, but unfortunately, nothing much happened.

Overall, the movie is a wholesome experience, and a must watch keeping in mind the comedy.


I WISH there were more relationships like Amy and Jake’s shown on screen, one of the many reasons why I’ve watched this show twice🙄



New Girl was such a good show!!! I loved it so much that I've watched it two times. And Nick and Jess were portrayed so well and so in harmony!!


Neha Ramchand
Neha Ramchand
07 de nov. de 2020

I totally agree! Them as a couple adds so much more to the show. Another couple I have found to be not problematic is Nick and Jess from New Girl. They always had a good dynamic going and neither of them was superior to the other. They had such a cute, ‘you’re my best friend’ relationship and they would just constantly be there for each other. Jess did not expect Nick to be a macho man she could rely on, she was independent that way, and Nick never wanted Jess to simply take care of him, nor did he act dismissive about her. As you can tell hahahaha I am obsessed. Its just that I found nothing problematic about this…


A lot of television shows use relationship problems to create drama in the story-line. However, Brooklyn Nine-Nine demonstrates the series can find intriguing story arcs while keeping relationships steady. This does not mean that the couple do not argue but at the end of the day they always support each other. This portrayal of non-problematic relationship is why the show stands out for me.

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