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“Phaans” a revival of Pakistan Drama Industry

Phaans is a Pakistani Drama that portrays the story of the struggle of a sexual assault survivor.

Shakeela works as a maid in an upper-class family of Nadia. Nadia's daughter Hafsa's marriage decides to take place with Samad. In order to made arrangements of the marriage and to serve as helping hands Shakeela stays at Nadia's house along with her daughters; Zeba and younger Farah. Zeba, a college-going and educated girl comes across with their Sahil, Nadia's son suffering from [Down's syndrome]. At night, everyone is busy in the functions of marriage that Zeba receives call from Hashim who is Zeba's fiancé. He demands to see her and calls her in an under-constructed building. Zeba first denies but later agrees to meet him due to his insistence. Zeba goes there and someone rapes her. She comes back where everyone is already looking for him. She enters with Samad from the main gate and everyone their mistakes Samad as a culprit. Zeba is taken to hospital where doctor changes the reports as Siraj had already called him and ordered him to declare her as a patient of Hysteria. Doctor does so and disappointed Zeba goes to her home with her mother. The story further revolves around Zeba and the struggles she faces while trying to seek justice in this case from a considerably influential family.

The story is empowering at many levels, making people aware of such incidents, the idea of victim blaming and issues in the judicial system regarding cases of rape and Harassment. This story is also a complete beauty when it comes to its genre making it a beautiful drama line story. This story can be considered to be a step forward in the Pakistani drama industry as it has taken a step forward to address such issues of Rapes and the struggles of rape survivors. The story writer has been bold when it comes to the story line as he has taken a different topic and story line from the topics and types of dramas that are famous nowadays.

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