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Political Instability in Pakistan Affecting Youth

As we all have seen in the past years Pakistan has witnessed political instability which has primarily affected the lives of its citizens, especially the students of Pakistan. In recent times two ruling political parties have been in opposition for a period of time, longing for peace to settle in between. moreover, the followers of both parties are actively running the party message at their agendas and knowledge, which unfortunately turns into huge rallies and conflicts between the party followers and supporters.

As there is no law enforcement for people to carry peaceful rallies, and they are deprived of their basic right to show their opinion, the law is used wrongfully, which erupts huge, dangerous, deadly riots between the supporters and civilians are highly affected by it.

Moreover, law enforcement uses their place of power as suited to them and places containers, and blockages on the roads to prevent civilians from carrying out their daily routine lives. it causes chaos in the whole country, disrupting medical facilities, people going to their work and students going for their academic activities.

As we look deep into the academic lives of students, it is the most affected by this political instability. Students work hard throughout the year, and these riots and roadblocks have caused major career disruptions for several students in huge numbers. students work all their lives to enroll themselves in top institutions for their higher education, and important examinations, and their higher grades play a big role in their selections. when these chaotic events take place, the examinations are cancelled. The students have to reappear the next year, or they are graded based on their full-year academic record, which has a huge effect on their enrollment in top institutions. Furthermore, a lot of students are victims of mental health due to these failures they face, as many students and families in our country only have one shot due to their financial situations. Political instability and wrong use of law: is it really worth ruining the youth and future of this country?

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