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Promotion of Violence in Schools and Indoctrination of young developing minds- A severe conflict

By Hassaan Ahmed

Middle and High school years are by all means the fundamental development age that transforms children into informed citizens of the world. However, if dealt with corruption, this age can cause the young brain to transform into criminals-teachers are the primary development factor.

Unfortunately, Pakistani public/Government institutions are home to teachers that are inept at delivering unbiased education for the development of young minds. The element of moral corruption prevails to such an extent that destroys nurturing of young minds to ask all questions.

The indoctrination and sect-centered education is the most severe conflict happening across the globe more so in developing countries like Pakistan. Additionally, the hyper-religious behaviour existing in educational institutions halts the growth mindset of its individuals. This attitude is detrimental to its core! Pakistan is a multi-cultural country and hosts people from all walks of life.

Due to this moral corruption element, those belonging to other sects suffer from otheration and issues ranging from representation to violence.

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