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PubG: Glorification of violence in media.

PubG is a multiplayer video game where 100 players are deployed on an Island, and the last player standing wins. It's the survival of the fittest and is just one of the many popular games considered "normal" among the children of Gen Z.

The viewership of violence, primarily that depicted through these games is so readily available and not regulated. A study conducted in the U.S. showed that 63 percent of kids involved in school shootings depict behaviors of craving violence through media.

The glorification of violence through video games targeted at young children has desensitized violence, while also contributing to the neglect by authorities and adults of society.

I do not mean in any way that watching or engaging in violence in media is equivalent to actually doing it, however, it still does not mean that the person consuming it hasn't been affected mentally. Someone somewhere is going through something that might be affecting his mental state, where content like this if consumed could lead to detrimental circumstances acting as a nail in the coffin.

We need measures to increase awareness and parental training so that the youth is not susceptible to such content at a very young age. Total prevention may never be possible in such a technologically advanced time, but we as individuals can opt to be more responsible and conscious of such content which may be influential in adverse ways.

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I remember the first time I played this game with my brother, I was left traumatized. The amount of violence that the game promotes is disturbing and the way there is no regulation of any sort on this game is, again, extremely troubling. I, for one, did not find the game itself to be amusing at all, and instead found it to be extremely derogatory in the face of people who suffer from any sort or form of violence.


This makes me wonder how many games are now common in the digital world where they objectify or sexualize women so that more audience can be attracted towards them. GTA vice city is a perfect example where the game meaninglessly revolves around fighting and killing people along with sexualizing women. You'll notice that the main character is always a male and you'll find the women representation in the game only on the streets. These women can also be shown having a profession or at least they could have an option of a woman lead. The main purpose is to show that women are capable of fighting too and can have a strong personality. Main problem is these games cater to…

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I totally agree with you. Childeren, especially those below the age of ten are pro at playing games like this and it just goes to show how unregulated video games are. About the women in GTA, if I remember correctly apart from the women on the streets, many of those who were somehow related to the main character e.g Michael's wife from GTA 5, are also depicted as house women and later sexualized, eg the mission where she cheats on him with her tennis coach. Content like this pollutes the minds of the childeren, while also objectifys women and enforces stereotypes.


I think when it comes to policing it is also very important to consider the dynamics and ramifications of giving any authority in a state like Pakistan the license to police as they will. Historically or systemically, we have not done a great job when it comes to creating awareness about media technologies in the Pakistani context because the amount of misinformation and polarization here means that there are little tangible actions that can be taken. So in case of pubg and creating the room to take responsible action little can be done in the Pakistani context to not create a slippery slope where you end up creating a body that alongside pubg starts banning anything it finds problematic based…


Pubg can also be classified as a game which promotes female objectification. The female character in pubg has a curvaceous body that is the ideal body type portrayed by the society/media. She is shown to have big breasts and butt, that attracts the male gaze. When the game starts, she’s the only player that is in her underwear, and this contributes to her hypersexualisation. Furthermore, the violence portrayed in the media is received and accepted by the audience directly, as per the hypodermic syringe model. This game has a lot of violence, and is promoted too through this game. Which is an important thing that you also mentioned in the blog.

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