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Pukhtoons, a topic for senseless comedy?

It has repeatedly appeared in many films produced in the Pakistani industry, where the portrayal of Pukhtoons and the Pukhtoon culture has been made unrealistically. Usually, secondary characters very frequently, one sees a character dressed up in shalwar kameez, and Peshawari topi usually speaks in Urdu with a Pushto accent, constantly using incorrect grammar. For some unknown reason, that happens to be the "comedy" found in the film, along with two other themes: the homosexual jokes and the different wrongful portrayal of Pukhtoons being angry and carrying weapons around. One of the examples could be how in "ye jawani phir nahi aani," one of the main characters' brother-in-law called him a "tight piece" in a creepy tone. It appears as if the director tried to show Pukhtoons as people with no morals or decency.

Furthermore, in the same movie, we see how the same characters' wife uses phrases such as "the gun is my law." Incorporating such scenes in the films usually makes the public have wrong connotations of culture they aren't a part of. With such a big industry and a vast audience, one expects better content and some creativity at the least.

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