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Punjabi Songs and their Obsession with Lawlessness, toxic Masculinity and Aggression

The recent decade has seen the Punjabi songs reaching new heights. Punjabi singers have been using social media Platforms such as Youtube and have gained considerable popularity over the decade. We have seen Punjabi singers reaching new heights of popularity throughout Bollywood in the form of singers such as Honey Singh, Badshah, Sidhu Moosewala and many other such names. Although such songs are entertaining in their nature but have considerable problems when it comes to their content and lyrics.

Punjabi songs over the decade have shifted from Pure Romance and cultural aspects to new topics. However, these topics contain discussions such as Lawlessness, weaponry, killing, murder, assault, drug abuse, aggression and toxic masculinity. You name it and it is there. With Honey Singh’s songs getting popularity with lyrics such as in Goliyan and Panga referring to lawlessness and assault and others such as Dope Shope and 4 bottles which refer to drug abuse, resulted in a popularity of such lyrics among the new Punjabi singers. It led to many other such problematic songs to a level that now almost most of the Punjabi songs rotate around such problematic issues. To imagine that these songs have no impact whatsoever on the Punjabi youth is totally wrong. Recently sidhu Moosewala released a song named “Sanju” in which he boasted about getting arrested on the charges of terrorism and illegal weaponry such as sanjay dutt. Throughout the song he refers to this act as an act of bravery and courage. Such songs and ideologies when istilled into the minds of the youth can result in problematic conditions specially in countries such as Pakistan and India where we are currently coping with such problems. We should realise that these songs are not progressive or helpful in any way but rather are a bad influence and should be dealt more seriously than it is right now.

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