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Pursuit of Happyness

I saw this movie a long time ago but it was so inspirational that I had to post about it. A very simple story with a very strong message to never give up on our dreams and work towards what we want to be. One of the things that makes it so emotional is the father-son bond showcased in the film which is shown to be very strong (and made me appreciate how much my family has done for me) . This shows how much our family does for us and that we should go out of our way to appreciate our parents who work 9-5 to ensure we get a good education.

The most important theme of this movie however is to work hard to achieve our goals and never give up no matter how tough things may seem. The main character Chris gardener encounters many problems from losing his wife to having to raise his son by himself and struggle to find a good job. Still, he pursues his dreams with tenacity and despite the pressure, he still keeps his goal in mind, even while sleeping on the streets he pursues his training diligently and does all he can to ensure that he becomes a successful businessman.

We even see that at times he wants to give up, to break down and cry, but he does not give up and continues his struggle. This emotional and inspiring movie inspired me to work towards my dreams with greater rigour and I hope it inspires you the reader to do the same. However tough the present may seem, every cloud has a silver lining. Thanks and have a good day :).

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