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Queen, a new beginning!

A notion where women are a straight up nobody without a man is fairly common in the society we live in, where independence for women is considered a curse or a crisis for people.

A media piece that blew stereotypes and promoted women empowerment in the name of self-sufficiency and independence is “Queen”. This movie challenges not just gender norms but also what society considers appropriate in a man-made world. A 2013 hindi film starring Kangana Ranaut as Rani Mehra teaches us the true meaning of self-love and contentment. After being ditched a day before her wedding by her fiancé, Rani sets out for a solo honeymoon in Paris and lives a new life, full of experiences, memories, emotions and exposure, without a man, which is a major step forward considering the small and traditional town Rani belongs to. Rani realizes that with her head in the right direction, there was nothing stopping her. She was more than just a girl with a broken wedding, she was everything and beyond and having a man did not define who she was. From living on her own to becoming an entrepreneur and getting applauded by a renowned French chef, there was nothing she could not do.

Not only does Queen reflect upon a beautiful media peace but also gives one hope to never give up. There are very few movies that give an insightful experience of feminism and Queen achieved it in a wonderful manner. It embeds a sense of self will and motivation in to women of all ages, to see beyond traditions and societal expectations. This movie shows us that regardless of what happens today, the next day is up to us and it is us, who will decide if we want to move ahead with a fresh start or not.

With this, I conclude with an open end, waiting to hear what you liked or disliked about this piece.

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