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Ragging: A serious issue, not humorous.

Despite being the most liked bollywood movie, 3 idiots includes certain scenes which classify as problematic due to their impact on society. One such scene is the ragging of the main character on his first day of university. While the scene was received with applause and ‘laughter’ from the audience, it gives across the problematic message that ragging is humorous and should be encouraged.

For a lot of students around the world, their ragging experience during the initial days impacts their entire university life. It tends to shatter the victim’s confidence while leaving them traumatised.

I believe that people responsible for producing and directing such scenes should be more careful in future and avoid including triggering scenes in blockbusters. While the scene was humorous for some, it was also triggering and traumatising for a certain portion of the audience since it brought back real life flashbacks for them. With the increase in bullying (and cyber bullying), the media should be more responsible and should not promote such acts. It is important that we realise the impact of screen on its audience and how it tends to encourage problematic behaviour through such scenes.

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