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Remember When - my isolation read to escape 2020

Remember When is a novel - a love story - by Judith McNaught and my friend sent it for me when I was in isolation last month. When I say it was the perfect escape, I mean it. It takes you back to the 90s with a love story of a Multinational Tycoon Cole Harrison and Diana Foster through the years and involving some back deal to keep their parents happy. Alas the ending is that they end up together (the cliche that makes me happy), but the reason I loved it so much is that it acts as a way of transporting you to a time when COVID didn't exist and the internet and media did not have as much of an impact on people's lives. It fascinates me to read about a time so different to today but also in some ways, extremely similar. They may not have had social media, but they still had the grand parties and the clear social disparity due to class. nevertheless, if you want to get away from this semester :( its a lovely read.

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