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Representation of Intersex in Pakistani Drama.

Mahagul and Zain are a newly married couple enjoying their life. Soon they get to know that Mahagul (Mahi) is pregnant.

Mahi gave birth to an intersex baby. Their families want to give that baby to the trans community but Mahi wanted to raise him as her child. Zain was embarrassed and pressurized and did not support her decision he said it would be extremely problematic to raise such a child. They got divorced. Mahagul raised Noor on her own she faced all the challenges, especially Noor struggling with his gender identity, and the education he then had homeschooled by Mikhail (Noor's tutor). When he was growing up he fell in love with a girl and the way he shattered and then gathered himself after ( though the whole drama but this scene has a very emotional dialogue that will make you cry). Noor grows up as a very successful businessman. He works for trans rights, his father accepted him and other people as well and Mahagul died of cancer.

I appreciate this drama because of its daring move to address an issue that everyone needs to be aware of. Despite some unnecessary scenes like the death of Mahi or Mikhail not getting married to support Mahagul and Noor and devoting his life to Noor’s education and upbringing was unrealistic (something that own father haven’t done) . Secondly, there is representation of Trans people in the drama but main lead like Noor is played by Furqan Qureshi it would be more powerful if they cast Kami Sid or any other trans model or activist. Overall “Khuda Mara bhi ha” put together a wonderful idea of representing the intersex community, and the message that children should be accepted by society wholeheartedly and not judged based on their identity and gender.

This drama could have been far more powerful if the writer delved deeper into the intricacies relating to the medical aspect of having such a child in a subtle manner but as a whole it managed to highlight issues which are rarely talked about on television.

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