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Revealing Double standards of society in Sol Yanim

Sol Yanim is a Turkish drama. I started watching this drama because of Ozge Yagiz. The plot is good. Serra lives with her mother in a small, crudely built shack. Each character is complex and has many hidden secrets which are unfolding in every episodes, with a touch of love and affection. It is based on the "departures of loved ones" because of that their left side (Sol Yanim) always bleeds as their half of the body is gone. Throughout, I enjoyed this series. But there are few themes that seemed problematic to me. Serra’s mother ignores her and give all her love and care to her brother. After her brother’s suicide, Serra takes care of her mother and support the living expenses.

It shows “son preference over daughters.” This depicts the double standards of our society. Parents show all their affection to their sons expecting financial support and care in return. One of the reasons of showing neglect and restrictive attitude towards daughter is their perception that daughters tend to move out of their home, as “they are brought up to serve someone else” – typically, their husband’s family.

Serra does her job well. She gets the offer of a Limousine ride from the famous businessman as an recognition of her work. She accepts the offer in order not to miss the class. She grabs the attention of the university students as she step out from limousine. Students assume that she comes from a very rich family and hence, they try to learn as much information as possible about her. All become fascinate by her car. This shows that we ,as a society lives materialistically. We live in a society where people are judged based on what they produce or consume. People prefer money over everything. They gets fascinated by wealthy people abruptly.

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