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Rishta Culture and Men

The Pakistani Rishta Culture is extremely toxic for women, and men often have a role to play in making it toxic.

But, here's a sketch from Danish Ali that takes a look at the Rishta Culture on a lighter note:-

Basically, the video shows how men's value for a rishta is determined by their profession and how much they earn, and their personality and own self comes last.

There are a few things that I found interesting in the video. While the video seemingly shows men's perspective, whenever they talk about value like "Doctor 40 Lakh ka", I think the amount might be hinting towards the concept of Jahez and how larki waley are expected to spend millions for their hOnoUrabLe damaad.

Danish also says, "Artist ko tou free mein le lein", which hurts being a videographer and product photographer, but soooo truee bestieee.

The video also touches on how Pakistanis spend "poori life savings aur 30 saal ka qarz" for "shaadi ka dikhawa." It highlights how toxic this culture of excessive spending on extravagant weddings is, and also puts unnecessary financial stress on the newly weds. Lastly, the video also hints towards parents forcing their daughters to marry at the end when they showed the rich DHA guy with murder charges.

I found the video pretty funny as it touches on so many common themes like cousin marriages, and I also showed this video to my mom. But, we can't deny that a lot of what happens in our rishta "culture" is very problematic and needs to be addressed on a societal level.

What do you think about the video? Is there something that could have been done better? Is there something you would have added or removed had you been given a chance to make the video? Is there something wrong with the video? Please do let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Thank you for reading! May Allah bless you with 15 comments on your blog if you comment on mine :)

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