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Role of Teachers in the post conflict society

Teachers are one of the most valuable assets that a society or a nation can afford. Doctors, engineers, policy makers, and many more countless professions of the society are made by the teachers and would rather be efficient to call them “builders of the society”. In order to shift a civilisation from a culture of instability to one of unity and tranquility, the role of positive and peace seeker teachers is required to reject and oppose terrorism and violence. Preservation of stability and growth via education are the main goals of peace building. A progressive step in altering people's beliefs and expectations to promote a peace-based culture should be the main ambition of the teachers. People's views towards peace and stability can be brought about by teachers, which eventually ends in altered information, beliefs, abilities, and attitudes. To give the culture and civilizations devastated by terror or violence a solid foundation, this transformation process is crucial.

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