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Role reversal game with the Devil

The Devil Wears Prada is one of the most iconic movies made on the fashion industry. And any work dedicated to the fashion industry shines a light on themes of body image and unreal beauty standards and eating disorders. The protagonist, Andy Sachs, played by Anne Hathaway allows us a peek of it all from the POV of Miranda Priestly's second assistant. Her transformation from an uninterested, unfashionable journalism graduate to a chic and glamorous workaholic inspiring envy from her colleagues is what drives the narrative.

This transformation has a sizable impact on Andy's relationships. Her friends and boyfriend have a hard time adjusting to this new overworked Andy and they express it by teasing her. The change gets too much for Nate, her boyfriend, when Andy misses his birthday. With this being the last of a string of events that indicated neglect, Andy and Nate take a break. This comes right before her work trip with Miranda Priestly to Paris.

While Nate can be seen as an unsupportive partner when it came to Andy's career with his constant nagging and whining, the screenwriter for the movie recently defended him. She said that by the end of the movie, when Andy goes back to him and apologizes, that was the right thing to do on her part since Nate was right to be that demanding with her.

The lack of attention from a partner is unpleasant for both men and women.

Most of the media I've consumed has shown men being inattentive and women are shown to support their man with momentary expressions of discomfort. I can't help but think that this has shaped expectations on women in this situation.

When the tables are turned, the man isn't subjected to the same expectations. This movie, as well as its screenwriter, sympathize with Nate's constant expression of discontentment and irritation. It places more value in that than in Nate being supportive. And by the end when Andy and Nate get back together, it tells men in similar situations that if they behave the way Nate did they're doing the right thing. She'll eventually come back leaving her goals and ambitions to accommodate you.

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