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School in a box

School in a box is an initiative by UNICEF. In the aftermath of a disaster, the major goal of the School-in-a-Box is to facilitate the resumption of regular educational activities. The contents of the "School in a Box" provide the essentials for any educational setting. Books and other instructional materials based on a curriculum relevant to the child's future education should be provided as training and assistance for teachers.

The following are the items in the box:

- Metal box with padlock

- Blackboard paint and brush

- Posters, plasticized paper, set of three, double-sided

- Tape Measure

- Wooden Cubes

- Clock

- Scissors

- Slates and slate pencils

- Exercise Books, cyan blue covers branded with the UNICEF logo

While looking at this, it's interesting to note that most of these things aren't even available to most kids in Pakistan in non-conflict zones. So conflict zones in third-world countries are even worse off. Even though this is the standard response from UNICEF in emergency areas, it should also be noted that most kids in third-world conflict areas would not even know how to use most of the resources in the box. Intersectionality plays a considerable part when considering resources given to conflict-impacted kids.

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