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Schools During War

This short video titled, “What Happens To Schools In War Zones?” discusses how fighting bodies continue to violate war rules by making schools and children their target. The interesting thing is that policy-making bodies like the UN have condemned these war crimes on multiple occasions. Countries have come together to design laws and policies incident after the incident to reduce the violence on schools and children and other civilians.

However, to this day, all of it happens. Kids are not only made to flee their destructed schools, killed but also used as human shields by militant groups. It is also interesting to note that only undeveloped countries are not plagued by this issue. Developed countries like Ukraine are not foreign to war crimes against school-going children.

Education is one of the most basic human rights. It is appalling that the world has failed to come to a consensus to solve these issues. The UN, in my opinion, has failed to do what it was made to do – protect the most vulnerable in society. Who is more vulnerable and naïve than children sitting in classes being bombarded with bombs and gunshots? Being terrorized by attacks and whatnot.

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