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SDP interlude

The romanticization of drugs within contemporary media has become an unfortunate norm within our society. From cinema to modern music, it seems the abuse and romanticization of drug use has plagued our youth. Rap music seems to be a major contributor in this regard as the music is heavily drug centered and encourages substance abuse. An example in this realm is Travis Scott’s song “sdp interlude”.

Despite the song acting as a buffer on his album, Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight the song is seen featuring themes of substance abuse and the glamorization of drug paraphernalia. The lyrics “Smoke some, drink some, pop one” entice the youth and their idols appear to cultivate this feeling of indulging in drugs in order to feel connected and mirror their idols. Consequently, the upcoming youth is addled by this predicament as all mainstream media they consume coerces them into this slippery slope of substance abuse and drug dependency.

Considering the amount of increase in substance abuse by Gen Z teens, it has detrimental effects on our society. Cases of rappers getting shot, going to jail and overdosing are common to the profession and since people idealize these rappers, they tend to follow same trends as them. More awareness should be spread about who and what one idolizes and is it influencing them or not. Furthermore, drug prevention and awareness should be added before the songs video, or on the album cover along with the sign of Parental Advisory.

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