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Sex Education ; An Educational Tool

The Netflix series; Sex Education is a pool for being unapologetically diverse in terms of racially as well as sexual identities one can conform to. Sex education centrally focuses on the relationship between a teenage son, Otis, and his mother that is a sex therapist. The series revolves around all the influence that his mother has had on Otis and the manner in which it transitions into his school life. Otis alongside his romantic interest, Maeve, ends up opening a sex advisory school in the abandoned washrooms of his Highschool. These episodes highlight the importance of proper sex education required by teenagers as the negative results from relying on their age peers can result into disastrous events. Bringing light to real life issues that are massively overlooked like struggling with sexuality, feeling unattractive to partners and being greatly inclusive in terms of race. This was one of the few English-based series that showed a black male completely comfortable and open in his sexuality. He dresses as per himself without conforming to societal norms. Sex Education even broke the taboo as when Eric comes out to his traditional African family and is accepted with love, reflecting hope for their viewers.

The representation of the LGBTQ is widespread and normalized as some other traditionally American shows have chosen to view them as outcasts who are treated differently by their peers. Sex education reflects eventual comfortability in sexualities. Many lesbian, gay, straight as well as Asexual people are represented as important characters with their own storylines rather than side characters like Ola and her girlfriend Lily.

In season 1, the iconic scene “It’s my vagina”, was a groundbreaking one since it disassociates the shame attached with the female sexuality. The latter reflects that blackmailing women with their nudes is no longer useful since there's comfort within themselves. As Ruby’s nude gets leaked and she is blackmailed for it, the leaked image has gone viral to the point the Principal feels the need to hold a meeting to address it. The following scene is extremely empowering as several female as well as male students stand up claiming “Its my vagina” in the photo that represents solidarity amongst them despite major differences.

Lastly, the fact that alongside being sexually educational, the series managed to focus on other societal issues like peer pressure, bullying and racism while focusing on the broader aspect.

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