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“Sex Education”: The TV-show that we all needed

If you are one of those who frequently binge-watch shows on Netflix, then you must have come across “Sex Education”. If you have not, well, you are missing out big-time.

“Sex Education” premiered back in 2019, and it is one of the most underrated TV shows on Netflix right now. It has taken a different step to the kind of content that is produced for teenagers and honestly, it is simply exceptional.

Based in a rural British town, it depicts the lives of teenagers who are from all sorts of social and cultural backgrounds, studying in the same school – “Moordale High”. In a heartfelt and humorous manner, “Sex Education” talks about the misconceptions related to sex education while depicting the everyday lives of Moordale students. Furthermore, the show emphasizes on how bad education can be significantly damaging, especially during the teenage years.

Many teenagers struggle with the harshness of growing up during their formative years, and “Sex Education” initiates the talk about something that is still considered as a taboo by many. The anxieties, the bullying, and all the mess teenagers go through is something that most of us can relate to; and this show educates and open ups the conversation about how all of this is normal and can be dealt with.

Even if you are an adult in your 30’s, this show can be pretty nostalgic watching kids struggling through high school. Teenage years can be very lonely if one is misunderstood and does not feel validated. This is why it is imperative to finally talk about it and “Sex Education” does this exceptionally, whilst giving an important message to all of the kids out there that they are not alone.

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I haven’t seen this show but I remember when this show came out, it was trending number 1 on Netflix and it was the talk of the town. Everyone was watching it and had great things to say about it but at the same time most of the people felt really uncomfortable even talking about this show which again highlights how talking about “sex” is such a huge taboo in our society where children go online and search up all these things but wouldn’t talk about it with their parents or at times even with their elder siblings. Hence, these shows if presented in the right manner can help raise awareness amongst children and make them more aware. Also, with…


It's extremely interesting to look at how the representation of LGBTQIA+ has changed over the years with shows like Sex Education. This representation and portrayal of queer youth are definitely very positive! Growing up with shows such as "Glee," which during its time of the early 2000s was very progressive, the LGBTQ+ representation was extremely stereotypical and limited to only three characters from the gigantic cast. Compared to aggressive and mean Santana, the standard lesbian stereotype, Sex education has given queer youth both Ola and Lilly who cater to each other's requests and hear one another out; their's is definitely a more healthy relationship than the one portrayed. However, the stereotype where the "gay friend" falls for his bully has…


Agreed. The show diminishes people's false beliefs about sexual health, sexual orientation, sexually transmitted diseases, and sex in general. It educates and empowers the audience by removing the stigma and taboo regarding such topics as there is a lot of misinformation and misconceptions that put people in dangerous situations. It also addresses some very important and sensitive issues such as abortion, racism, LGBTQ+ struggles, body image, and agism, to name a few, while still being funny and lighthearted. What distinguishes this show from other coming-of-age stories is how authentic and unfiltered the characters are. They are realistically flawed, raw, and immensely relatable as they struggle with their identities and individuality in their own unique ways. Thus, the teen representation feel…

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I absolutely agree! The fact that the characters are "realistically flawed and raw" is what helps us relate to them and in my opinion, this is what makes this a great TV show to watch and learn from. Adding to this, I agree that this is nothing like those typical high-school shows were 16 year-olds look like Hugh Jackman, and the entire storyline absurdly romanticizes the entire teenage phase.


Not only is sex education a show that deals with a very important topics surrounding the taboo of sexuality and sex, it also is very inclusive in its representation and remains cognizant of the sensitivity of the topics it brings up. Sex education gives a captivating view on very different people’s very different experiences. There are characters of different ethnicities and races as well as different sexualities and genders. We come across many different teenagers dealing with their sexuality, their identities and their disabilities in various ways. There’s something for everyone to relate to. Furthermore, despite the main character of the show being male, the female representation in this show is appreciable. The show depicts Otis’s mom being a single…


I agree with the author that Sex Education helped to break down the social and cultural stigmas associated with sexuality. The series also depicted how, most of the time, the socially created physique is so deeply embedded in our consciousness that the need to conform to that standard may lead to self-hatred, which is particularly harmful in adolescence. Most of the time, this taboo can lead to diseases that, if not treated promptly, can have serious consequences. I believe that, in addition to covering this essential topic, Sex Education also helps to remove barriers and dispel stereotypes about the disabled. The series depicted a crippled youngster named "Isaac" with his own personality and character, rather than portraying him as a…

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