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“Sex Education”: The TV-show that we all needed

If you are one of those who frequently binge-watch shows on Netflix, then you must have come across “Sex Education”. If you have not, well, you are missing out big-time.

“Sex Education” premiered back in 2019, and it is one of the most underrated TV shows on Netflix right now. It has taken a different step to the kind of content that is produced for teenagers and honestly, it is simply exceptional.

Based in a rural British town, it depicts the lives of teenagers who are from all sorts of social and cultural backgrounds, studying in the same school – “Moordale High”. In a heartfelt and humorous manner, “Sex Education” talks about the misconceptions related to sex education while depicting the everyday lives of Moordale students. Furthermore, the show emphasizes on how bad education can be significantly damaging, especially during the teenage years.

Many teenagers struggle with the harshness of growing up during their formative years, and “Sex Education” initiates the talk about something that is still considered as a taboo by many. The anxieties, the bullying, and all the mess teenagers go through is something that most of us can relate to; and this show educates and open ups the conversation about how all of this is normal and can be dealt with.

Even if you are an adult in your 30’s, this show can be pretty nostalgic watching kids struggling through high school. Teenage years can be very lonely if one is misunderstood and does not feel validated. This is why it is imperative to finally talk about it and “Sex Education” does this exceptionally, whilst giving an important message to all of the kids out there that they are not alone.

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